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The idea for this blog was kindled by my love for traveling. My husband and I thrive from getting out and about. Whether it is a short hike in the Wasatch, a day trip to Park City Mountain Resort, or a sixteen-hour roundtrip drive to camp with friends for the weekend we just want to go. Every time I answer the Monday morning question of, “What did you do this weekend?” I am met with surprise at the amount of fun Kenon and I can pack into just two days and an evening. I wanted a place to teach people how to replicate, at least a little, the adventures we have found.

My Instagram feed would lead most of my friends and family to believe that I spend all of my time living a charmed weekend warrior life. When I posted a picture of a recent canyoneering excursion an old friend commented with, “I thought you were TEACHING?” Travel is my hobby, not my fulltime life. I am also a wife, a teacher, a homemaker, a friend, a church member, a learner, a writer. Even some of my “travel” pics are not really travel; some are just a quick trip Kenon and I took into one of the canyons just 20 minutes from our front door. With all of these other pieces of my life swirling around me I could not honestly only give people my travel self. I have learned a lot of things from the successes and failures of trying to be a full-time human that are worth sharing. The itineraries and tips I share will be inevitably mixed with the lessons I have gathered along the way. I want to hand over a well-rounded experience to those people who can benefit from the interaction. And, perhaps, create a larger community from whom I can learn as I go.

Here’s a photo sneak peak of some of the stories visitors can plan on reading about:

Making the most of cold weather (so many ways!)
Camping, camping, and backpacking
The glory in detours
Weather getting in the way of plans
And whatever this is (post your guesses in the comments!)

Follow me on Instagram (@handmedownblog) and check back often to read the thousand words that go along with each of these pictures – and so many more still on my camera roll.

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