Red Ledges Picnic Area in Diamond Fork Canyon – Rock Climbing

This weekend a group of us went down to Diamond Fork Canyon to visit Fifth Water Hot Springs. Our friends from Montana were visiting, and the plan was to soak for awhile, hike out, then drive up to Draper to find a climbing spot that wasn’t covered in snow. You’ll probably hear about these two a lot as the blog goes on because they are just about the best adventure friends!

After the hot springs, we were hiking back to head to Draper. Exhausted and ready to get some well-earned burgers, the ladies in the group were cruising toward the car. Less than a quarter of a mile from the gate a silvery glint caught they guys’ eyes, and they noticed someone building an anchor at the top of Diamond Fork Arch. Of course, we had to stop and see if this was a good climbing spot.

After looking around for a bit, we found a sport route just off from the arch. Mountain Project details the climbing available in this area. There is a great rappel off the top of the arch – this is the anchor that was being built when they guys’ noticed the climbing. Even though we were already worn out and hungry we decided to take advantage of this find.

The Red Ledges Picnic Area is about 7 miles up Diamond Fork Road, less than half a mile from the winter gate closure. There is a parking area, a pit toilet, and a picnic table with a charcoal grill. It is a small area but still houses some fun climbing, hiking, and rappelling. There is even an ice climb if the winter cooperates. It was filled with sunlight all afternoon, making it a warm and relaxing spot.

Kenon started chatting with the man who was rappelling and he offered to take some pictures of the group climbing. He got these sweet shots of the climb from his spot half way down the rappel. His name is Tim Kern and he takes incredible nature photos. Visit his website or check out his instagram @primef.otography. The last photo is a view from the top of the arch.


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