Utah Swimming Hole: Burraston Ponds

Burraston Ponds is a little swimming hole in Utah that’s gaining popularity thanks to social media. It has a strong summer vibe and a lot of opportunity for a lazy afternoon. It’s touching the edge of the middle of nowhere, so there is not a lot to it. Before we visited, I had some questions about how Burraston Ponds was set up and what it had to offer but I couldn’t find any answers online. So, here are the answers to everything I wanted to know about Burraston Ponds before we went.


1. It is low on amenities.

Burraston Ponds used to be an over-night camping area but has been day-use only since 2015. However, the old camp pads are still there. This means there are picnic tables with a fire ring dispersed throughout the area. There are no grills and fire rings do not have a grate attached.

The bathroom situation is sketchy at best. There are porta-potties and a couple of bathroom buildings but these are not very well kept.


2. There are not ammenities by the Rope Swings.

The rope swings are the main attraction at Burraston Ponds. In order to get to them, you follow the main road until it runs out at a dumpster and bathroom building. Park in this lot then get out and walk the trail along the pond for about 50 yards. Everyone just hangs out along this trail. The closest bathrooms are at the parking lot and there are not picnic tables, fire rings, or really anything at this spot. It is a great place to hang a hammock, though!


3. Please pick up your trash!

Burraston Ponds is getting incredibly crowded since its debut on social media. So far, this is just fine, everyone shares the space really well. It has a tight community feel. However, it is incredibly trashy. Fire rings are filled with garbage. Dumpsters are overflowing. Here and there, trash lines the edges of the pond. Please, get your garbage into a dumpster (not next to) or pack it out with you.


4. Other than that, it is a great place to swim!

With Mount Nebe overlooking, the sun shining bright, and gnarly rope swings hanging from the highest points of trees, this is a fun little spot. You can kayak, paddle board, fish, swim, float and jump into the water. It’s a great spot for family and friends.


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