Kayak Lake Superior’s Sea Caves

Meyers Beach and the Lake Superior Sea Caves are a kayaker’s dream vacation. Part of the Apostle Island’s National Lakeshore in Wisconsin, these Sea Caves give you a memorable adventure without all the work of getting to the Apostle Islands. 

To explore the sea caves, Kenon, our friend Adam, and I rented sea kayaks from Lost Creek Adventures in Cornucopia, Wisconsin. Kayaking on Lake Superior is dangerous. It is a large, open body of water, similar to the ocean, with variable wind and weather patterns. In order to rent a sea kayak in this area, rental places make sure you have taken a Safety Introduction Course or are certified to sea kayak. Since we had neither, we signed up for the morning course at Lost Creek Adventures. 

Apostle Island's National Lakeshore, Wisconsin

The course is $70. This price includes a morning course and kayak rental package (safety equipment and wet suits included). The course is over around noon and you get to keep the kayaks until 6:00 pm. 

We had SO MUCH FUN taking the course from Lost Creek Adventures. This is not a paid or affiliate post. This is just a good, honest review. Our guides were fun and knowledgeable. The course starts on dry land, where we learned the basics of kayaking on open water: how to read the weather, how to prepare, what equipment is necessary, and so on. Then we suited up and were outfitted to actually get into our kayaks and out on the water. We were given wetsuits, splash skirts, life jackets, and everything else we needed. Fully outfitted, we moved the second part of the course down to the water. 


Once in the water, we spent some time learning and practicing effective paddle techniques. For the rest of the morning, our guides taught us, and subsequently had us practice, how to rescue ourselves and our group members in case anyone flipped their kayak. This is called a “wet exit” and YES, it does include actually flipping the kayak (while still in it!) into the chilly waters of Lake Superior. So, YES, I did have to convince myself, against all better judgement, to flip over a perfectly sound water craft, eject myself from said perfectly sound water craft, flip the kayak back over, and get myself back into the kayak, all while hoping that my wet suit will actually warm my tiny body (it did, thankfully).


While I joke a little at the “wet exit” instruction, it was really valuable to have this safety course. When I was originally making our rental reservation inquiries, I was confused about why all of these places required a safety course. Now I know. Kayaking on open water is no joke. A safety course will be well worth your time! Just remember – pack two outfits because you will get wet! Lost Creek Adventures was amazing enough to provide us with dry wetsuits once the course was over, so we could start our rental warm and dry. 


After our course, we took a Lost Creek shuttle to Meyers Beach. Meyers Beach is just a short paddle to the sea caves. From Meyers, turn east along the shoreline. It will not be long before you start to see the red rock formations cutting into the cliffs, creating arches, caves, and lagoons. Lost Creek can also provide a map to all the main attractions and help you figure out how far you can paddle in an afternoon. They were truly wonderful! And the sea caves are beautiful. In Kenon’s words, “It’s a magical experience and you should definitely do it.”  


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