Why I Live My Life with LifeProof

In late June, Kenon, our friend Adam, and I took sea kayaks into the Sea Caves of Meyer’s Beach, Wisconsin. Part of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore in Lake Superior, this is one of the coolest experiences of our summer. Unfortunately, for the longest time, we did not have any pictures to show for it (#picsoritdidnthappen). This is the story of why.


When we got out of the kayaks, Kenon set his iPhone X, enclosed in a black LifeProof case, on the black dry box cover of the kayak. Forgetting it was there, he pulled his kayak back into the water to wash off the sand, before loading it onto the trailer. While getting into our shuttle van, Kenon suddenly realized that he had never retrieved his phone. Running back to the shore, it very quickly became obvious that his iPhone X was claimed by the swirling, murky waves pushing back and forth against the sandy shore. It was lost in Lake Superior.

Taking every “just in case” precaution, we put his phone in Lost Mode via the Find My iPhone app and attached my phone number to the distress call that would pop up if anyone did find it. Kenon talked to the Park Ranger and left a description of his phone along with my phone number. We left our information with the kayak rental company as well. 

Then we drove off, trying our best to remember that, while expensive, it is still just a material item. The most difficult part to swallow was losing all of our Sea Cave pictures. Everything else, thank you Apple iCloud, was backed up and would sync to a new phone. The Sea Caves were too new and hadn’t had a chance to back up. 

Since the phone was not yet paid off, and Kenon was not up for an upgrade, he was looking at a long year with an old 6S to take up the space. 

Fast-Forward a month and a half. Kenon and I are sitting at home, working on our computers, when all of a sudden a Find My iPhone alert pops up on his screen. Confused, Kenon checks around for his phone. It’s already in his hand so Kenon looks more closely at the alert and says, “Wait a minute. Waaaait a minute. I think this is my iPhone X. Oh my goodness, this is my iPhone X!” He’s so excited he can barely figure out what to do next. The GPS locator has placed the iPhone in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. We’re in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Not five minutes later, Kenon receives a text message. This is the conversation they have:


We find out that the phone has been sitting in three feet of water for over five weeks! The nicest man on earth stepped on it while wading near the beach, picked it up, took it back to Canada, recharged it and got ahold of us. 

We get the phone back, and it is pretty clear that it has been under water for awhile. It is beginning to look like Will Turner’s dad after he sold his soul to Davey Jones’s Locker. There is lake scum making it’s home in all of the crevices. 


Everything works perfectly. The combination of incredible Apple Technology protected by a durable LifeProof Case kept that phone from irreparable water damage. In fact, it kept it from any damage at all! The best part is, thanks to LifeProof’s 1-year manufacturer warranty, Kenon was able to replace his case for free with only $5 in shipping costs.

Visit LifeProof at https://www.lifeproof.com.

After this mishap, we now also take a few other protective measures to make sure we do not lose our phones. We bought three leashes on Amazon. Two that float, one that goes around our necks, and all able to connect to our LifeProof cases.

If your smart phone is not protected by a LifeProof case – it’s time!


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