My Go-Box for Camping

In my quest to make camping a more seamless experience, Kenon and I have adopted a “Go-Box” of all the things we need to be able to eat while camping. Packing and unpacking, repacking and unpacking again can be a time-consuming experience. I don’t know about you but I like to RELAX while camping. This is my favorite camping packing tip! 

Camping Hacks

Once upon a time, my mother-in-law offhandedly imparted to me a packing secret. “Everything goes into a bag or a box,” she said as she effortlessly organized a weekend’s worth of overnight bags, groceries, and bedding into a trunk.  

With that in mind, I found myself a big plastic box. In this box I put other boxes and containers filled with items that would otherwise be loose. 


My favorite item is this picnic kit. 


It has paper plates and disposable utensils. It also has extra garbage bags, ziplock containers of varying sizes, lots of spices for cooking, a can opener, and a wine corkscrew. It also has four individual compartments, making it easy to keep everything organized. Whenever we sit down to eat, I simply pull out this picnic kit and we have pretty much everything we need (unless we are cooking food; in that case I need to pull out a few other things as well). 

Another favorite is this cooking utensils kit Kenon bought on Amazon. It has every utensil we need to prepare a meal and it is super easy to clean. 


When we get home from a trip, I take out all the plastic cups, utensils, and other dirty containers. Everything goes directly in the dishwasher and the box sits by the wall in the kitchen. When the dishwasher cycle is over, everything comes back out and goes straight in the box. This way we are always packed and ready for a weekend excursion.

I’ll be unpacking the rest of the items in my box throughout future blog posts. Sign up for our email list to get all the latest updates!  

We’re thinking of leveling up to this RubberMaid ActionPacker. It’s more durable and has more room. My hope is that I can fit in all of our supplies and a good chunk of our food, too, while still keeping it organized.

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