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It is time for me to tell you about an amazing protein powder that Kenon and I have been using for a while. CAN ProFood is a complete, multi-source protein with a bunch of added benefits and no added gross stuff. It also tastes delicious! It is the perfect nutrition supplement to fuel every day adventures, workouts, or more serious endeavors. Yes, this nutrition company was started by friends of ours (they are amazing humans!) Yes, we get a little kickback from everything you purchase from their website. Yes, it tastes great, fuels great, and leaves your body feeling great which is why we have been using it since day one and will continue using the best protein powder on the market.

Protein Powder Women

Certified Athletic Nutrition was started as a one-stop shopping place for athlete nutrition that is safe and trustworthy. Everything on their site, including the ProFood Protein Powder, is completely certified by the National Science Foundation. This means athletes can use them without worrying about the presence of additives or banned substances.

CAN ProFood became available in September of 2018. Kenon and I bought it right away and absolutely love it. Kenon and I come from two different experiences with protein powders. I never used them before CAN ProFood because I could not stand the taste or grittiness. Kenon used them often but always ended up (TMI WARNING!) bloated, uncomfortable and constipated.

CAN ProFood Hand

For me, ProFood protein is a delicious and easy way to get in my morning nutrients. I am a tiny human but I require a lot of fuel throughout the day. Before CAN, I would have to snack about every 45 minutes during a hike. With CAN, I can go a few hours before refueling.

For Kenon, ProFood protein is the nutrients he needs to keep his body feeling healthy. Besides being a multi-source protein, ProFood is also full of probiotics that help his digestive health. The formula includes an antioxidant blend that is perfect for his metabolic needs. It really is the all-in-one nutrient supplement you have been looking for. Find out more about the benefits here.

Use code “Pin10off” for 10% off your entire purchase. Click here to start shopping!

CAN Protein Woman


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