Easiest Camping Breakfast EVER

I am always looking for ways to make camping easier so I can enjoy it more. This is my second blog post about the easiest camping meals. Find the first one here; it is all about the easiest camping meal ever! The easiest camping breakfast meal is equally simple, even more delicious, and nice and warm for those chilly camping mornings. It is also an incredibly cheap meal option!

Easy Camping Breakfast

My favorite camping breakfast is low-prep, easy to clean up, and takes very little time to make. My secret? Instant oatmeal packets! Oatmeal comes in so many delicious varieties that everyone in our group can be satisfied. I can get gluten-free oatmeal, high-fiber oatmeal, and oatmeal with lots of protein. There are also tons of flavor options! My favorite is the Thick&Hearty Blueberry Muffin from Better Oats. It is made with flaxseed, loaded with vitamins and minerals, and it really does taste like a bakery muffin! 

We boil water for our oatmeal using a JetBoil. The JetBoil is my number one favorite piece of camping gear that we own. It is a lightweight, compact piece of gear that is no mess. It takes on average about a minute to boil water. Check it out here.

Jet Boil Breakfast Zion National Park

You decide how complicated to make the next step. You can serve the oatmeal in reusable bowls, creating some dishes (but really not that many). You can serve the oatmeal in disposable bowls. Or serve up the oatmeal right in the individual oatmeal packets. The oatmeal packets are waterproof and the perfect size to fill with enough water to plump up the oats. This option also keeps your hands nice and warm while you wait for the oatmeal to finish soaking. A lot of companies now have little travel-ready oatmeal cups that work great for this purpose also! A lot of these come in gluten-free options, like this one from Bob’s Red Mill.

Easy Camping Breakfast

This is so easy you can literally take it anywhere. We love hiking with the oatmeal/Jet Boil set up. It is extremely lightweight and easy. It all fits easily into a daypack. My favorite thing to do is pack it all up and do an easy hike to a gorgeous sunrise overlook.

If I am feeling really adventurous, I’ll cut up some fresh peaches to mix with the oatmeal. Other good mixing fruits (that do not require cutting) are blueberries, cranberries, and dried bananas. 

Finally, heat up water in that JetBoil one more time. Pour it into a mug, mix in some instant coffee, sip, and relax.

Coffee at Zion

I have a friend whose camping experience is not complete until he has made a pancake and bacon breakfast with multiple pots and pans and real dishes. It is so delicious and I am so thankful to him for this! However, if you’re like me, camping is a time to relax, kick back, and do everything with as little effort as possible. That is why oatmeal and camping go together so well!

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