Cherry Peak Ski Resort in Utah

At the beginning of March Kenon and I headed up to Cache Valley in Utah to check out Cherry Peak Ski Resort. Cherry Peak is Utah’s newest ski resort and has been open since the 2015/2016 ski season. This ski resort is located not too far from Logan and has incredibly affordable prices.  Cherry Peak... Continue Reading →

Easiest Camping Breakfast EVER

I am always looking for ways to make camping easier so I can enjoy it more. This is my second blog post about the easiest camping meals. Find the first one here; it is all about the easiest camping meal ever! The easiest camping breakfast meal is equally simple, even more delicious, and nice and... Continue Reading →

Capitol Reef National Park

Kenon and I have been to Capitol Reef twice and each time we left saying, “Man, we should have planned more time!” Capitol Reef National Park is usually the park people skip on their tour of the Utah national parks because it seems small, boring, and too far out of the way. While it is... Continue Reading →

Utah Mountain Adventures

At the start of the ski season, Kenon and I took an Avalanche Awareness Level 1 course through Utah Mountain Adventures. Utah Mountain Adventures offers a variety of courses and guided tours that keep you safe in the backcountry.  Utah Mountain Adventures has multiple Level 1 sessions to serve different schedules. When we went it... Continue Reading →

The Easiest Camping Food EVER!

The other day I was talking with a mom who was lamenting her lost love for camping. She told me that as a child she loved camping. Now, as an adult and mother of three, she finds it exhausting. At the time of our conversation, she was thinking of giving it up altogether.  Her main... Continue Reading →

ISLE Explorer Paddle Board Review

When Kenon and I decided to purchase a paddle board, we did a lot of research to find the perfect, most high-quality board. ISLE Surf & SUP is a paddle board and surf board company out of San Diego, California. We chose the Explorer Inflatable Paddle Board* for its touring capability. It is designed to... Continue Reading →

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